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Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing Box

Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing Box£46.99

Top quality CDC dubbing in a handy box.

Frankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes

Frankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes£22.00

Frankie McPhillips dubbing boxes are available in four boxes of 12 colours each.

Natural Fur Dubbing Box

Natural Fur Dubbing Box£21.99

A selection of Natural Furs in a handy 12 partition dispenser.


Veniards Glister Dubbing dispenser

Veniards Glister Dubbing dispenser£20.99

The best synthetic dubbing.


Hare Dubbing Box

Hare Dubbing Box£20.00

12 colours of Hare fur blended with a touch of SLF. Perfect for large bugs to small nymphs and emergers.

Squirrel Dubbing Box

Squirrel Dubbing Box£20.00

Another original Davy Wotton product. Pure squirrel fur dyed in 12 shades.

SLF Saltwater Dubbing Box

SLF Saltwater Dubbing Box£19.99

12 Blended colours specifically designed for saltwater flies.
Eumer Micro Flash Dubbing Box

Eumer Micro Flash Dubbing Box£19.00

In this set you will find the most common colour choice of Microflash dubbing.In each cell of this economic package you will find the same amount of dubbing material as sold individually in bags

Eumer Spectra Dubbing Box

Eumer Spectra Dubbing Box£19.00

A fine diameter, Flashabou textured synthetic dubbing. Can be mixed with other dubbing materials. Perfect for speedy formation of shiny saltwater, streamer, nymph and wet flies bodies.

Hends UV Ice Dubbing

Hends UV Ice Dubbing£19.00

A very fine diameter, smooth textured synthetic dubbing
Can be mixed with other dubbing materials
Useful for tying sparkle nymph and wet flies bodies as a sealís fur substitute
12 colour dispense

Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing

Frankie McPhillips CDC Dubbing£4.45

Top quality CDC dubbing in a handy packet.


LiteBrite Dubbing

LiteBrite Dubbing£4.20

Synthetic pearlized tinsel that can be dubbed straight to the hook or used sparingly as an enhancer.

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