Tubes, Tubing & Cones

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Partridge Intruder Shanks

Partridge Intruder Shanks£7.99


Double shank for intruder and other Waddington patterns when using single and double hooks. Ideal with Partridge Z4 hooks.

Flexible Tungsten Nymph Bodies

Flexible Tungsten Nymph Bodies£7.40

A new and interesting product that moves on considerably from the tungsten sheeting idea. Soft and flexible shellbacks ideal for shrimp patterns.

Hackens Tube Fly Needle

Hackens Tube Fly Needle£4.95

This is a really simple concept, a top quality hardened steel needle that tapers to accept any size of lined tube.  

Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads

Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads£4.80  -  £8.90

Flexible and heavy coneheads that are easy to retro-fit to any hook, or use coventionally to add weight and form to many patterns.

Petitjean Magic Heads

Petitjean Magic Heads£4.20

The Magic Head will change the way you fish and the way fish react to your flies.   

Copper Slipstream Tubes

Copper Slipstream Tubes£3.85  -  £4.40

A heavy weight plastic lined copper tubes for deep/fast water. 10 tubes per packet


Propellerfly Swing Tubes

Propellerfly Swing Tubes£3.25

Perfect tube system for the modern style of salmon and seatrout flies.


Aluminium Slipstream Tubes

Aluminium Slipstream Tubes£2.40  -  £3.20

An intermediate weight plastic lined aluminium tube. 10 tubes per packet

Plastic Slipstream Tubes

Plastic Slipstream Tubes£2.40  -  £2.90

A stout plastic tube with lining and a cavity in the tail to take the eye of a treble. 10 tubes per packet


Tube Liner

Tube Liner£1.85

Polythene tubing for lining bottle tubes.  The same material that is used to line Slipstream tubes.

Silicon Tubing

Silicon Tubing£1.30

Extra soft and pliable, it has been specially manufactured for tubes as flexible hook supports. 


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items