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First quality, full tails. Soft and fine fibres that "quiver and shiver" in running water without being moved.  

Mink Tails

Mink Tails£7.20

Mink makes a really good alternative to stoat, and the tails are longer with far more hair.

Fox Squirrel Tail Natural

Fox Squirrel Tail Natural£6.25

These Fox squirrel tails are a natural ginger colour barred in black.

Stoats Tail

Stoats Tail£4.00

The original material for the "Stoats Tail" in smaller sizes.

Grey Squirrel Tails Nat & Dyed

Grey Squirrel Tails Nat & Dyed£2.70  -  £3.70

These ever popular grey squirrel tails offer the fly tyer a good wing/tail material at a good price.

Skunk Tail Nat & Dyed

Skunk Tail Nat & Dyed£1.95

Skunk Tail fibres are coarser than bucktail, and also shorter. 


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