Capes and Saddles

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Genetic Cock Capes Grade 1

Genetic Cock Capes Grade 1£50.00   £44.00

These genetic cock capes have the finest stems, giving flexibility, strength and ease of placement when tying your hackles.

Genetic 1/2 Cock Capes

Genetic 1/2 Cock Capes£25.00


These are Grade 1 Genetic Cock Capes that have been halved to help your pocket!

Genetic Hen Capes

Genetic Hen Capes£15.00


These genetic hen capes are not a second quality cape but are bred for the purpose of tying. 

Chinese Cock Capes

Chinese Cock Capes£10.50

These Chinese cock neck capes are larger necks with softer hackles.

Indian Cock Capes

Indian Cock Capes£6.00

These are Indian Cock necks come with very stiff barbs and represent good value  for the flydresser.


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items