Synthetic Body Materials

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Super Stretch Flexi Floss

Super Stretch Flexi Floss£3.40

Hanked, strong stretchable floss that does not lose its colour when wet or stretched. 

Easy-Dub Micro Chenille

Easy-Dub Micro Chenille£3.00

Easy Dub Micro Chenille is a fantastic and easy way to create a fine dubbed body effect. 

Predator Dubbing Brushes

Predator Dubbing Brushes£3.00

A dubbing brush which is deal for Pike and saltwater patterns. 

Sculpin Wool

Sculpin Wool£3.00

Sculpin Wool - just stack as you would deer hair and cut to shape.

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin

Virtual Nymph Flytyers Designer Skin£3.00

Flytyers Designer Skin is synthetic elastic skin.

Glo Bug Yarn

Glo Bug Yarn£2.90

Glo Bug Yarn. Bright, fluorescent fibres which may be spun to form egg flies, or tied in thick to form a bung fly.

Soft Twisted Dubbing

Soft Twisted Dubbing£2.70

Hare's Ear blended dubbing on a thread. Super buggy nymph bodies with no effort.

Veniard Small Foam Cylinders Black

Veniard Small Foam Cylinders Black£2.70

Foam cylinders great for detached bodies.


Body Stretch

Body Stretch£2.65

A very flexible material. Excellent for nymph bodies and Shell backs.

Extra Fine Vernille Chenille

Extra Fine Vernille Chenille£2.65


Extra fine vernille is a super quality fine suede chenille approx 1mm in diameter.  

Lazer Lites - Soft Radiant

Lazer Lites - Soft Radiant£2.50

A new breakthrough has created this exclusive, super-soft material for wings, hackles and bodies
Closed Cell Foam Sheet

Closed Cell Foam Sheet£1.80

1.9mm thick flexible fly foam suitable for Ants, Beetles and detached bodies.

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Page 2 of 2:    24 Items