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Bug Bond Kits

Bug Bond Kits
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Bug Bond Kits

Bug-Bond is a Multi-Purpose UV Cure Resin kit put together with the Bug Bond Professional UV torch to form a handy kit. Bug-Bond is great replacement for epoxy, which can be both messy and time consuming to cure. Bug Bond has been developed for use as a coating and is ideal for coating and doming applications of a vast range of fly patterns. The optically clear and tack free formulation also makes this product suitable for rod building and various other applications.
Bug Bond has been designed to be tack-free and optically perfect when cured correctly. The kit includes - One 20ml bottle of Bug-Bond Original UV Cured Resin, Bug Bond Professional UV torch (batteries not included)

Bug-Bond (Original-Clear) is supplied with an applicator which allows you to apply small amounts and work this with a bodkin or a wooden tooth pick to get the desired effect on the item and then cure...this can take as little as 5 to 10 seconds. Large amounts of resin in saltwater baitfish patterns can take longer to cure BUT not as long or as inconvenient as using a drying wheel if using two part resins. A great feature of Bug-Bond is that it will not to yellow on exposure to sunlight... in fact strong sunlight will deepen the cure further. Testing has proved successful with large heads on pike flies, encapsulation of heads and dumbbell eyes on freshwater and saltwater patterns as well as full baitfish bodies, grayling bug backs, epoxy style buzzers and shrimp exoskeletons.


  • Cure on demand
  • Ideal viscosity for fly tying
  • Tack free cure
  • Fast curing with low-power lamps
  • 100% solids, no solvents


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