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Frankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes

Frankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes
 Frankie McPhillips Dubbing BoxesFrankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes 
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Frankie McPhillips Dubbing Boxes

Frankie McPhillips dubbing boxes are available in four boxes of 12 colours each.  All the dubbing is made from blends of colours, rather than solid dyed colours.  This adds a depth and dimension to your flies that shows up in different lights and water colours.  The material used is SLF this is well known to be an easy material to use, and apply.

Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4
1. Light Olive  13. Light Claret  25. Insect Green 37. Purple Shrimp
2. Medium Olive 14. Medium Claret  26. Dark Green  38. Magenta
3. Sooty Olive (Erne)  15. Dark Claret  27. Bright Green   39. Bright Red
4. Dark Sooty Olive 16. Black Claret  28. Green Highlander  40. Orange
5. Golden Olive 17. Ballinderry Black 29. Melvin Gosling 41. Orange Olive
6. Golden Bumble Olive 18. Cow Dung 30. Melvin Olive 42. Burnt Orange
7. Dirty Olive 19. Donegal Blue 31. Yellow Mayfly 43. Malone's Fiery Brown
8. Donegal Olive 20. Hot Orange 32. Natural Mayfly 44. Ballinderry Brown
9. Green Olive 21. Bright Yellow 33. Corrib Mayfly 45. Ballinderry Olive
10. Brown Olive 22. Yellow 34. Green Drake 46. Yellow Dabbler
11. Fiery Brown 23. Red 35. Lake Olive (1) 47. Grey
12. Dark Fiery Brown 24. Black 36. Lake Olive (2 48. Dark Sedge Brown


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