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Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads

Flexible Tungsten Cone Heads
Our Price:  £4.80(Inc. 20% VAT)


Flexible and heavy coneheads that are easy to retro-fit to any hook, or use coventionally to add weight and form to many patterns.

These are different, if you have ever wanted to add a conehead to a double or treble hook here is an answer.
No need now to squeeze the two hooks together on a double hook before adding a cone, just push these over the eye. Due to the elastic nature of this product it allows for this. They can be used anywhere on the body of a pattern, we like to use them under the wing or behind hackles as well as the usual head position.

The largest sizes suit big predator or saltwater patterns, all the cones can be custom cut to suit your requirments, and they can be coloured.