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Loon UV Resin

Loon UV Resin
Our Price:  £17.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Loon

UV Clear Fly Finish: Available in FLOW (Ultra-thin UV-curing resin) THIN and THICK. UV Clear Fly Finish is for those who believe ""five minutes to cure is five minutes too long."" No mixing or waiting is required, and it remains workable until exposed to direct sunlight or Loon's UV lamps, at which point it will cure in a matter of seconds. The possibilities are endless! It is an excellent choice for coating bodies on tiny midges, adding strength and structure to fur, feathers or hackle. It penetrates materials so efficiently that it even works as a substitute for head cement. Apply Fly Paint or Fly Finish to fly while indoors or shaded from the sun. Use the attached applicator and/or rotating vise to form into the ideal shape. Expose to sun light or use Loon's UV Mega Light or UV Power Light to cure. In direct sun (or when using Loon's UV Lights) hardening should take approximately 15 seconds.UV Mega Light: This powerful UV light is perfect for curing Loon's UV products either individually or at a volume rate. A push button on/off and a powerful beam makes curing UV products simpler than ever. This light produces the maximum intensity 3.8 watts and up to 220 lumens for tying on the go, or when working at your bench

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