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Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn

Semperfli Dry Fly Polyyarn£3.99

Nicknamed by fly tyers world wide the 'floating yarn'. With a very specific gravity / density of 0.91g/cm3 Polypropylene Yarn is lighter than water which means that it floats.

Deadly Dazzle

Deadly Dazzle£3.95

This is a fusion of the extremely  popular Mirror Image fibre blended together with Super UV  Flash. 

Angel Hair

Angel Hair£3.80

Angel Hair is a very fine Mylar type material that is packaged in hanks. 

Select Craft Fur

Select Craft Fur£3.00

A super-soft, pre-tapered synthetic fur that will give any pattern incredible action in the water. 

Spirit River Polar Aire

Spirit River Polar Aire£3.00

Spirit River Polar Aire is a shiny, supple synthetic and a great substitute for polar bear hair for salmon/steelhead fly wings.

Spirit River Poly-Bear Fiber

Spirit River Poly-Bear Fiber£2.90

Spirit River's Poly-Bear Fiber is the perfect material for tying baitfish patterns. 

Para Post

Para Post£2.75

High-floating parachute post material in highly visible colors. 

Synthetic Mayfly Tail Quills

Synthetic Mayfly Tail Quills£2.60

Synthetic Quills are suitable for tying tails on Mayflies and Olives and any other dry fly that requires a long fine tail.

Lazer Lites - Radiant

Lazer Lites - Radiant£2.50

An exclusive new flash material with greatly enhanced reflective properties. 

Streamer Wing

Streamer Wing£2.35

Micro strands of Lite-Brite are intermingled with a mix of extra fine strands to offer the predator and saltwater fly-tyer a superbly mobile wing material with an added flash.

Mini Minnow Fibres

Mini Minnow Fibres£2.30

Just like the craft fur but shorter fibres, ideal for those small bait fish.

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Polypropylene Floating Yarn£1.99

Polypropylene yarn for dry fly wing posts 

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